Not performing regular maintenance on your home comfort system WILL cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Unlike a fine wine, home comfort systems do not improve with age!  More than likely, your heating and cooling system is the most expensive piece of equipment you have in your home.  You expect your home comfort system to always be there, working properly, until that fateful day when extreme weather hits and, because of age and neglect, it breaks down.

Field surveys conducted by North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp. have shown that most heating and cooling systems do not perform to manufacturers’ specifications.  Of the systems tested, 90% were found to have efficiency problems.  60% had inadequate airflow and more than 80% were operating in adverse conditions, resulting in excessive energy consumption and early mechanical failures.

Why take the chance?  Let Woods Family provide you with a worry free maintenance agreement to prevent such problems.  We’ll come out twice a year to make sure that everything is running right to avoid problems when the weather goes crazy.  Our Precision Tune-Ups will keep your system running longer, and lower your utility bills.

With a Woods Family maintenance agreement, you move to the head of the line.  Should your system require service, even during peak weather conditions, you will get top priority as well as a 15% discount on all repairs.

It’s time to ensure your family’s comfort.  Call Woods Family Heating and Air at 540-992-3944 to set up your maintenance program and schedule your Precision Tune-Up.

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